Wow! It has been a busy last couple of days for me. I am in the middle of so many things that I just can’t keep things straight in my own mind. However, I will be home Wednesday and that will be a pleasant treat. No School. No Work (yet). I can just relax. Plus I will have air conditioning. Here in WA it has been sooo hot here the past few days. I had to break out the shorts and blind people with my whiteness. But, ya, it makes it hard to sleep and to continue to sleep. I try to go to bed early but the weather is just not working with me.

Right now I am in the middle of fixing an essay for English and then studying for my two finals. I have it pretty easy for finals this quarter. I’ll get my studying done; it is just a matter of when and for how long at this point. The weather does not help because it is so hot and it just makes me tried. So, I have to fight it and try to study.

Otherwise I’ll be back in MN Wednesday night and then I don’t start working until the following Monday. So, if you want to do something before I start work just call my cell. But, until then… I study and pack!