I don’t know what it is about finals but I always seem to want to be done with school right as finals week starts. I don’t think that I am the only one with this problem. But, this problem is big. I just don’t want to study and then when the day before the test comes I freak out and wonder if I know the material. Wondering if I know the material is a problem. If I am doing this, I am screwed.

This quarter I got lucky. My final on Monday is for a class in which I only need to get a 2.0 to pass the class. Plus the best part is that the GPA for that class is not added into my cumulative. But, on Tuesday I have my stat final. This should not be bad, but I just need to get down to business and study hard. It is really hard to want to do this since the weather has been so nice lately. I just wish it would rain for a day or two so I would focus all of my energy to my studies.

As for coming home, I am just waiting for the days to pass by. I am getting more and more excited every day. I don’t know if I was this excited last year but this year I have a job to come home to and that excites me. Yes, I am a dork like this. But, the pay is great and I am sure that I will learn a lot. All of the last minute prep stuff here is complete. I moved my stuff to storage which leaves me with my books for this quarter and one set of linens and clothes to last me until I get home. It is weird to see my room all bare again, but I think I can handle it for a few more days.

It will be rough to leave Seattle and all the people I know here, but it will great when I come back in the end of September. So, if I don’t get to see you before I leave or if I already saw you… bye and have a great summer! Back to studying murder… Only less than 11hrs until this dreadful class (SOC 275) is all over!