Well this past week at work taught me things at work that just frustrates me. If you do not know I am currently working on a project that is working on revamping the way that in-store signs and labels are printed. This is great and all, but the idea behind it and how the project came to be is quite the use of a power trip.

There is the guy, whom I do not know, that for his chain of grocery stores used this software package to print all of their signs and labels. Somehow he has some serious power and he said “well, we should do this in all of our stores.” This is where I come in. I am currently testing these signs for difference and just basic visual appeal. However, the signs look like complete ass and we have a pilot launch on Labor Day. So, pretty much we have a lot of work to do.

Now, that is just a part of the problem. With these signs we need to create standards so that the signs look very much like the old signs and are also very easy to read and follow. Well, we’re having problems with both of these things. They look terrible and are hard to read from a normal viewing distance in a store. This is because of software restrictions’ Which we do not why they were not caught when the genius above used them in all his stores. So, now we are not breathing down the neck of the software developers to try to fix this problem. But, like developers, it is not the software’s problem it’s the users. That is complete bullshit. Their software sucks ass. Bah, enough of this!

Anyways, my work comes in waves. It is like feast or famine. I either have it or I don’t. But, when I don’t my bosses get all over me and that I should have something to do. But, they have nothing for me to do. So, it sucks quite badly. This week I will spend hours in a lab looking over signs and trying to see what is wrong with them. I will need to compare them to something… but I don’t have anything to compare them to except what is in my mind. So, this brings up another frustrating point…

The standards are really not standard at all. They are changing almost every week and it is hard to know why. One day an intern is saying that they should look this way and the next day someone else is saying that it should be something different. You really don’t need to know anymore about this because it just sucks.

Well, my incoherent ranting is now over. Hopefully it doesn’t stay like this all summer. If it does, I think I’ll go insane.