Well, it’s been a week. I gave a presentation to the VPs of SuperValu this week on my internship this summer. It went really well. I’d like to think that I can do well when I present to groups of people. It’s even easier when you know what the hell you are talking about. Also, this week my middle brother Paul was moved in at UW-Stout. It’s weird not having him here when I am at home, but I’ll manage… He’ll have fun. But, yeah. Three day weekend coming up and I need it. The work has been piling up and some of it is interesting and some of it is, well, not interesting in the least. I had to give training sessions this week and I realized how complex my job actually is. To try to explain my job to someone else is another story. So, I am currently in the process of making some documentation for what I do.

Also, something that I found interesting tonight came to me at dinner. I was talking about this person at work who has been working this one position in the cafeteria (cashier) and how he has not been doing any better then when he started two weeks ago. This made my father go off let me in on one of life’s little lessons. I could give this guy a hard time, which I don’t, but it will do myself good in the sort run by making me feel better, but in 10 years when I am building a career, a family, etc… he will probably still be working that type of job. So, the point is that giving someone like that serves no one any good. It is just best to help or to be silent. They work just as hard as you do, but in a different area of work.

Yea, it’s a small lesson on life, but a proven point that when you think about it, you see it every day. Think of the people that are a little older (40s, 50s, or older) that help you out at a store, the grocery store, or somewhere else. That might be the only job that they have ever had and they probably work damn hard at it. So, we should give them the light of day just like every one else. It’s not that I wasn’t doing this in the 1st place, but it can be easy to lose track of what your actions do to other people.

Oh, also, you should check out the band Maroon 5 and their single Harder to Breathe. It’s really good, or so I think.