Well, it has been a while again for me to get back to posting here. I had a busy weekend with my Dad being in town and really did not have the time to post up anything. I could summarize what I did but that would just bore you, so I won’t. The weekend was nice and a change from the usual for me. But that is the most that I will talk about from the weekend.

Anyways, school is getting near complete here in Seattle and each day the work pile grows larger and larger. I am sure that I am overreacting to the situation but when I have nothing to do it will be a nice surprise. But, I know that the week will be busy because I have to re-edit and English paper among a host of other things to be completed by week’s end. This is frustrating because the paper will be almost completely redone but at the same time it will be nice to have completed when it is finalized and turned in. The comments from my TA were nice and will help a lot in the recreation process. It’s just down to crunch time now and I can’t let myself slack off. The work is not that much and I just need to relax and enjoy the last week of school here in Seattle.

Well… I have run out of things to say, but all I know is that I need to simplify things and not stress out so much. Things will be ok and I just need to keep reassuring myself of that. It’s hard to say that now, but I know that it is true. It may not happen now, but in the future I will realize this. So, with that witty comment I leave you until another day.

Well hello again! Today started off on the wrong foot. In my stupor this morning I only looked at the last two digits of my alarm clock. So, when I saw that it was 10 after I began to panic and threw myself out of bed and rinsed my mouth and put on the 1st set of clothes that I could find. However, when I got downstairs I noticed that no one was up and that everything was too quiet. It was only then that I realized that my clock read 7:10 instead of 8:10. Good Job Me! You can read a digital clock. Woo hoo! How old are you?! Oh, well. All was good. I took a nice long shower and then enjoyed a relaxing breakfast @ 8 (Dining Hall).

But, like yesterday I see to be losing focus as every minute passes by. This is hard to fight because the weather has been so nice here the past few weeks. I can’t stop working now or I will regret it when the grades come around. I have set myself up to do well this quarter and I don’t want to have the nice weather ruin it.

Well, it’s dinner time with my father and some of his friends then hopefully I’ll have enough energy to hit up IHOP w/ the boys later tonight. 13 Days…

The weather is getting nice here and the better it gets the more I don’t want to do my studying. I think it is because we are repressed for so long here with the bad weather that when it is nice we just can’t help ourselves but to enjoy it. So, to say the least, my productivity is decreasing with every passing day.

I must say this past week has been good to me, as opposed to the week before this one. I got my job lined up for the summer and I will the leading the Olympics at the EPBC this summer. So, all is well with that. I had a good time doing it last year and it is my style of work for a week. It should be good times like always.

Also, another thing that I think about is what is the purpose of the text that I put here. I think that it is kind of boring that I just write what I do everyday but I the same time when I try to think of something else to write I just get lost. Maybe I’ll come up with something, but right now my boring life will have to do until I have something that moves me to write otherwise.

Well actually…. I just thought of something. Respect. I know that it is something that everyone has a different interpretation about but to me this is an important thing to me. Some people just lack this, among other things (like common sense). Why do I bring this up? Well I am getting sick of living in McMahon and the cluster situation. People are just leaving their shit everywhere and it is really getting on my nerves. I have resorted to just moving it somewhere else or just to the trash. Nothing has sparked their attention so far but maybe if they read this they will. If you are one of the roommates, sorry, I just cant stand it and you should know better by now.

I want to think that it is because it is near the end of the year and people are just being lazy but I don’t think that is the case. I truly think that some people feel that is acceptable to invade my space, and other’s space, with their shit. I know that I am not the only one who doesn’t like this.

Well, I could leave my shit everywhere or talk super loud @ 1am when people are trying to sleep, but I’m not. Why? Well, because I would not want people to do that to me so I will not do it to others. I guess I make a conscious effort to try to think of others before myself and I would like to think that some people would think about others before they act. However, this is a tall order to fulfill and will actually never occur for some people. I’ll deal with it, but I guess my point is that people should make an effort to think of other people when they do their actions in a public area, more so a living area where we have no choice but to live. This will go a long way when you interact with others and in the end will only help any situation in a group living environment.

Bah, I think that it is just because it is the end of the year and I am just becoming more and more agitated everyday and I can’t wait to get out of here for the summer and move on for a while.

Well, today was a long friggin’ day. I only got 4 hours of sleep and then I had the longest set of classes of all day. To say the least, it was a long day. I should be asleep right now, but I have class tomorrow late so I can afford to be a little more tired than usual right now.

Today I had the suprise to talk to Jill Prince. I haven’t spoken to her since a little after my freshman year started. It’s funny how people can, even with a large amount of time between speaking to each other, can just pickup like old times. It was good to hear that things were going well for her and that she was already enjoying her summer. I still have 14 days to go. Argh… So little time left, yet so much.

Well, other than me running on pure energy today nothing much exciting happened. Tomorrow I have to finish up my HW that I did not complete today before my Dad comes up to visit. Then in the afternoon tomorrow I have my PRB Chair Training. That should not take a long time, or so I am told. Until later…

Alright, well I have moved to a new host for this and as you can see it is quite different. If you are looking to keep some sort of online jorunal I would say get one of these. It’s free and the service looks to be really good. But you really don’t care about that… SO, I will move along.

I have been quite busy the past few weeks, actually since I got my letter from the business school saying I am on the waiting list. So, I have to be prepared for anything to happen over this summer. I could be an informatics major, an econ major, or a business major. I just don’t know quite yet. So it’s kind of hard to plan for the next year when I don’t know what is going on. However this past weekend I happened to spend it doing homework. I read and did my profile for murder on Saturday and spent 6 hours on Sunday typing a paper for english on Feminism and the Novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Needless to say, it was not exciting at all. But, today I have yet to open a book. This will change before I sleep tonight because, well, I need to read to get this book done by Wednesday.

Other than that my past weeks have been busy with school meeting new people (Joe, Joe, Stephen, Paul, Alvin, ;0) and just hanging out. I saw “The Matrix Reloaded” and “Bruce Almighty” both of which are very good.

Exciting news this week: My dad will be up for a few days to see campus and myself. He has yet to be here while I have been in school so it should be exciting to have him up here for a few days. But when he comes that means that I will have to start getting my stuff packed up to get ready to go home :( But, at least I’ll be going home to a job this summer…

Yes, I got the job at SuperValu and it pays nice ($13/hr). Finally I will have some money. I have been low on funds for a while now. Also, I hope to golf a bit more this summer, but with work taking 40+ hrs a week we’ll see how that goes. Anywho… That’s all I have for now. Let me know if you like this or not. Lates.