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On this page you will find the best in flowers that we have to offer. We have changed our layout to focus on the colors of the flowers. Looking below you will see all of our great blue flowers that we have to offer. These flowers are hand picked just for you and organized by color for you to pick from.

NameID #VendorDescription
Blue ClipsS25110SouthWest BellflowerBlue flowers until the first frost
Telham BeautyS25150SouthWest BellflowerLight lavender-blue flowers
Resholdt's VarietyS25155SouthWest BellflowerLarge, dark violet bells
PoschartS25160SouthWest BellflowerPale lavender-blue starlike flowers
Blue GownS25161SouthWest BellflowerBlue flowers with a white eye
ClaudetteS40890Bishop DahliasDouble, purple-pink flowers grace plants that grow just 16in tall.
Homestead PurpleS78345Vigor VerbenaBroad heads of rich purple flowers are carried above glossy green foliage
Blue MistS78347Vigor VerbenaFlowers begin sky blue and fade to a pale shade of blue

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