Safari’s Irony

Isn’t it a little ironic that Microsoft gave up on developing IE for the Mac when Safari came out, but even with IE7 released to the market Apple announced that a Beta of Safari is available for Windows? Apple is a small fish in the big pond of browsers for Windows, let’s see how this changes things. How times have changed.

Oh, also, glad to see that they opened up the development of the iPhone. Should see some cool things come out of the Javascript and HTML base that will be used to make apps for the iPhone.

Plus Confusion

In their infinite wisdom, the IE team thinks it’s a good idea to differentiate the versions of IE7 for XP and for Vista. It is a valid concern to have; especially for support calls. But, since they run on different operating systems, they needed yet another modifier in a product name, because saying you run Vista or XP is much more difficult. So, here you have it: IE7+ is IE7 for Vista and IE7 is IE7 on XP. I would have just left it as IE7 on Vista and IE7 on XP, but I guess the + makes much more sense.

Beta Invites

Well, I have some beta invites for the taking, if people want them. Here’s what I’ve got to offer:

  • – Social networking site (10 Invites for e-mails)
  • Newsvine – It’s in private beta. Site is all about news and user promoted news stories (20 Invites)
  • MSN Messenger Live – In Beta. (8 Invites – must be your passport account e-mail)

If you are interested, leave me your e-mail either in the comment or in the e-mail field below and which service you are interested in. First come first served.

CES Videocasts

If you’re interested in gadgets, you’ve probably heard of CES. If you haven’t already been keeping up on all the greatest and latest gadgets on sites like Gizmodo, then you might want to check out some of the work being done by the folks at Digital Life TV.

I just finished watching about two and half hours of video casts from and they covered lots of the cool stuff from the show. You can catch Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on-line and download them to your computer. Also, if you are interested in all of the keynotes (except for google) from the show, be sure to check out all of them on PC Mag’s site.

Oh, also, if you you remember the days of The Screen Savers on the now defunct Tech TV, is a good podcast to subscribe to.