Of Those Who Voted

When I was making my rounds of reading the news online yesterday I ran into an interesting article that listed all of the turnout rates for each state for the 2004 election. Of course, I wanted to see who was the highest (Minnesota @ 77.3%), lowest (Hawaii @ 48.9%), and where Washington ended up (65.4%). So, this got me thinking when I was talking to Aaron about what I found online. My thinking lead to wondering how each of these states voted when ranked by percent turnout. So, here I present to you how each state voted electorally, ranked by percent turnout. Continue reading “Of Those Who Voted”

Bush’s Ohio win narrower than thought

Bush’s Ohio win narrower than thought – “Bush’s margin of victory in the state that put him over the top in his re-election bid will be about 119,000 votes — smaller than the unofficial margin of 136,000, the county election board figures showed. That means Kerry drew closer by about 17,000 votes.”

Open Letter To The Democratic Party

Open Letter To The Democratic Party“So, if you want my vote next time, and the vote of all my close friends, and the millions more like us that you refuse to believe exists, it’s pretty simple: take positions and don’t waffle on them. […] No more verbal and psychological and emotional savagery. Treat me like a voter whose vote you would actually appreciate getting, and you will get it.” For me, this letter was all to true for me. Not all of it, but most of it. A good read if you want to take the time to read an understand it.