Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge

IMG_0280 Last night Jamie, Kevin, Ash, and myself made the trek to Central Washington to see the Dave Matthews Band preform at the Gorge Amphitheatre. I had never been to the Gorge before to see a concert and in addition to that, the last time I saw DMB was when I was a Junior/Senior (I can’t remember which) in high school. But, needless to say, I am huge fan of the band. I think I own all of the CDs and DVDs that they’ve put out. So, ya, I’m addicted to this group and seeing them live is always a treat. Continue reading “Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge”

Eric Clapton Concert

Last night was, well, how should I put it? Ah, yes. Amazing.

I knew that Eric Clapton was a God on the guitar, but damn, last night he just blew me away. He just put himself somewhere in my mind that not many musicians go and he is there with good company. For 2 hours he rocked Key Arena and I was just amazed. I can’t say that enough. He played a very balanced mix of the old stuff as well has some of his new material.
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