Aaron takes down five man tourney

Last night, with the ladies out at Jessica’s bachelorette party, we had the guys over to play some poker, Super Smash Brothers, and Guitar Hero. There were five of us playing in the $10 rebuy with $10 add-on tournament. Everyone added on after the third round after I threw in an additional $10 for 1,000 more in chips. Doing so grew the pot to $100 with $65 going to 1st place and $35 going to second. It came down to Aaron and I and you can watch the video below to see how the last hand turned out.

Needless to say, I lost. I was really short stakced after Aaron took all of Sean’s chips and I has basically one hand left and I was on a flush draw, Jack high. Aaron ended up taking the pot with a baby pair after my draw was busted. Good game all around.

For our player of the year points, Aaron is still out in first place in the standings after this game. You can see the entire rankings right here. This for every game that has been held in 2008 to date.