Maximize Me?

When I only used PCs I would always maximize all of my windows. For some reason I couldn’t stand the fact that I could see my desktop or a windows in the background. Something was unsettling about it. But, when I got my PowerBook over a year ago that was all thrown out the window since maximize is a concept that OS X doesn’t know. So, I got used to it on my Mac and just accepted it. But, just now, I caught myself maximizing all of my windows on my work PC because it was driving me crazy, but if I was on my Mac having not all the windws covering up the screen real estate would be just fine. So strange, I don’t get it. What is it about OS X / Windows that makes me want to have my windows not maximized or maximized?

Priceless: AIM Viruses

Virus software: $39.99

Firewall: $19.99

Not maintaining your PC: Free

Instant messaging everybody on your buddy list with a link to a virus: Priceless


So, yea, somebody on my buddy list, a fellow Informatics graduate, got duped and has a virus! It was even nice enough to try to propogate and catch me off guard on my Mac. But, alas, I am here to tell you I didn’t get hurt. Phew! Instead, I seemed to laugh at the matter.

What seems to make me laugh the most is that it appears that having up to date virus definitions and SP2 would have fixed this problem virus. Duh, just like doing those two things, oh, and not being retarded an clicking random links, is that hard to do. But, hey, we’re mature adults and that’s too much to ask in order to be a part of the Internet community, right? Let’s leave the retarded clicking to our nation’s 12 year olds.