Web Sphere

Sitting here at work leaves me a lot of time to surf the net. I find myself surfing the same sites, or same types of sites, every single day. Tech news, real news, blogs, weather, etc.. Many of them are updated daily so the content is always new. What I am wondering is, what sites do you frequent? I am looking to expand my web viewing horizon but I seem to be in a rut. del.icio.us has helped out a bit with this, but I am still looking for something… anything.

Google Finds Me

Over the past month I have been tracking stats on this blog with a program called bbclone to see where people are coming from, how long they stay, and what they are looking at. It is interesting to see what they look at, but what I find more interesting is what people search for to find me. Now, all of the search terms that I list require a search on google and I’ll only list the ones where I am listed in the first ten results.

So, some of them are pretty reasonable on why they would get my site as a result. However, some are a little odd. The one that really gets me is the “greenlake rape” search query. I understand the greenlake part, but not the rape part. Oh well, guess that is the beauty of search engines.

Why RSS?

Kevin has brought up some good points over on his blog about RSS and Web Design. Personally, I never have thought about it as stripping the design and just looking at the text. My main reason for firing up my RSS reader everyday is for ease of use and connivence. I don’t think that I ready many blogs (37) on a daily basis, but there are enough that I don’t want to check them all every day to see what is new and what isn’t. So, for me it is about saving myself a little time each day.
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4G iPod

OMG There is a new iPod coming out tomorrow! It will have the same scroll wheels as the iPod Mini and it will also boast a 12 hour battery life. They are a little thinner and come in a minimum size of 20GB. You also have the ability to slow tracks down on the fly for those of you who DJ with your iPod. There is also rumor that they will also come in a enormous 60GB size too. This just might make me upgrade my 2G iPod. Oh yea, there is also a $100 price cut!

/me drools

See more info here, here, and a picture here.