Amazon Wishlist 0.1

Well, I am proud to announce the release of a plugin that I created last week because I was bored! Oh wow, you’re all so lucky! Yes sir! Today is the initial release of the WordPress Amazon Wishlist plugin! This plugin will allow you to display, from your wishlist:

  • A small picture of the item you desire
  • The title of this thing you wish to own, with a link to’s product page
  • The date you added it to your wish list
  • A link to your wishlist
  • A count of items on your wish list
  • And, if you like lots of stuff, lots of pages of desirable goodies!

Interested in this for your blog? Well, you’re in luck, you can find out more info by viewing the plugin page. From there you can find more info on how to setup the plugin as well on how to troubleshoot common problems with the plugin. Oh, yea, and with that I present to you my wishlist.