New OS X Apps I Like

While sitting at work today I stumbled across a site that had a good list of some software for OS X. So, I read through the list and found a couple that I liked.

  • SlimBatteryMonitor – Like the name says, it is a battery monitor. What makes this different is that it can take up less space than the default monitor that comes with OS X. There are three different options that come with the display (time left, percent, none). It also displays the monitor vertical instead of the default horizontal. Lastly, it changes color when it is being charged and when it is fully charged.
  • WeatherPop – This is a pretty simple menu bar entry that displays the current weather condition for a specific location. I’ve been using the free version and it does what I usually do online. Tells me the temp and the current condition (via image). Useful for me since I check the weather quite often.
  • Mail.appetizer – This is not a program, but an add-on to that comes in OS X. What it does is display a transparent window on your screen with the name and a brief message about incoming mail to your mailbox. I dunno, windows popping up on my screen really don’t bother me that much, so I can handle this. However, if you cannot tolerate that, then this is probably not a add-on for you.

These are just added to the list of other useful apps that I use for OS X:

  • SubEthaEdit – All purpose text editor with WiFi document sharing.
  • Quicksilver – Shell application launcher and more.
  • Firefox – My browser of choice.
  • Pic2Icon – Makes those nice little icon pics in finder.
  • Footagehead – “Windows XP Like” picture browsing.

Man, today I got three new things. Some are exciting; some are not. I ordered some poker chips last Friday and today they showed up. I ordered 500 of them, but only 499 were in the case. So, I emailed the person hoping to get a response back on if I can get that one chip. I also got Office 2003 and 2003 today from the iSchool. Office looks to be quite cool and is well, boring unless you need to use it.

Last night I went to the IMA w/ some INFO peeps and I got schooled in ball and in lifting. Today I woke up and I was super sore. But, it was in a good way. But, my right knee keeps acting up and I am kina concerned about it. I don’t want something to happen to it where I would need surgery or something. So, I might need to look into getting that looked at by a doctor. But, it was good times. We did pyramids on the bench and on the ab machine. Surprisingly my abs survived the pyramid.

Also late last night it was a little IHOP w/ Joe and Steven. It was good times to see these guys and to just chill and talk. Yeah, I get picked on cuz I’m from the Midwest, but I’m used to it. Even when I got home I told myself that I would make my 830 class. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I slept until 945 then went to my classes. Oh well.