Today my partner and I completed our CSE project. This was nice because I was worried that it would take more time than it really did. I am glad that I got it done, because I was worrying that I would not have time to finish other things. But, like usual with me, I over-reacted and I have way more time than I thought I would. So, I will not have any troubles completing the INFO project that is due on Wednesday. This is good, because now I don’t have anything to worry about… that is until I go home for break and have to start my INFO paper. *argh* But, that is ok, because that is how I have it planned out. I am also hoping to catch up on my reading on the 3hour flight home and the various downtime at the airport. So, I am not to worried.

But, it will be nice to be home for a couple of days. I get to eat some great food (er, it better be good), and I get to sleep in my own bed. Ahhh! But, I will still be consumed with my studying, which sucks. There is really no way around this. Or at least there is no way that I see around it. I am behind on some of the little things that are being done in class and I need to catch up on them to stay on top of things. It will only help me when it comes to the end of the quarter when I have bigger things to worry about. So, really, I am just planning ahead.

Other than that, it is still friggin freezing here… not like MN freezing. But, still, you get the point.

Well, last night was the Apple Cup and it was the best game I have ever been to. Now we @ UW hate Wazzu with a passion, so this makes the Apple Cup even more out of control. The game was all WSU until the last 1:10 of the game, until when we scored to put us up 20-19. On their next drive our defense stalled them and we intercepted a pass to secure the win. At this point the 74,000+ in Husky Stadium went nuts. It was the loudest thing I have ever heard. It continued until the clock ran out on WSU. Then the whole entire student section rushed the field to celebrate our come from behind win. It was simply out of control. I was considering not even going to the game, but I am so glad I went. It just made for a great end to the weekend. Yeah, I said end because I have to work on projects now. But yesterday won.t be forgotten for a while.

Man, today I got three new things. Some are exciting; some are not. I ordered some poker chips last Friday and today they showed up. I ordered 500 of them, but only 499 were in the case. So, I emailed the person hoping to get a response back on if I can get that one chip. I also got Office 2003 and 2003 today from the iSchool. Office looks to be quite cool and is well, boring unless you need to use it.

Last night I went to the IMA w/ some INFO peeps and I got schooled in ball and in lifting. Today I woke up and I was super sore. But, it was in a good way. But, my right knee keeps acting up and I am kina concerned about it. I don’t want something to happen to it where I would need surgery or something. So, I might need to look into getting that looked at by a doctor. But, it was good times. We did pyramids on the bench and on the ab machine. Surprisingly my abs survived the pyramid.

Also late last night it was a little IHOP w/ Joe and Steven. It was good times to see these guys and to just chill and talk. Yeah, I get picked on cuz I’m from the Midwest, but I’m used to it. Even when I got home I told myself that I would make my 830 class. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I slept until 945 then went to my classes. Oh well.

Well today I got my CSE test back and I did very well. I was above the mean and all of the time that I spent studying paid off. I feel bad for those who did not even complete the test, because I know that many of them know what is going on, but they just need more time. But, in the same respect, I got the test done and they didn.t. So… maybe I was more prepared? Who knows. Either way, I rocked that test and now it is time to move forward to other things… like my INFO and CSE projects. Argh… *sigh*

All I have done today is study for my CSE test on Monday. This is not fun at all. Now, I guess I don’t expect it to be fun, but I can’t say that I really enjoy this. I always feel that I know the material when I go to the exam but, in the end I always seem to leave something out of my memory when I take the test. It’s not that I don’t know the material, it’s just that I think I do better when I am actually programming as opposed to when I have to write it down. So, writing code is not my strong point. But, enough of CSE, it already gives me headaches.

Last night was the usual poker night with the usual suspects and man did I get owned. I lost everything that I had won from previous weeks and then some. After poker we played bingo and out of 6 people, I was the only one who didn’t win. I put in like four bucks and never won. By the end of the night I was pretty pissed for various reasons. But, nevertheless I woke up today and things were back to normal… except for the hours of studying that I did.

Well tomorrow is looking like it will shape up to be just like today… but only Sunday. Great. I can hardly wait.

Another week… more work to do.

I have a CSE test on Monday and I just hope that it goes better than last time. I mean, I got the mean last time. But, for me I just think that I can do better. I just am always doing something and things just get in the way. But being busy is good. I like having things to do, but at times I just can’t find time for myself. Break is so close, but yet so far… oh yah, I’m working over break… scratch the free time.

Man, where did my weekend go? Yesterday hardly felt like a Saturday, but in the end it turned out to be a great night. I was around to witness my friend’s 21 run, and oh boy, was that interesting. I won’t go into it too much, but it was a good time had by all… from dinner to late night poker to early morning eating at IHOP.

Today was pretty low key. I worked on some of my CSE project and then decided that I had enough and stopped for now. But, to my surprise, my partner did a lot of work on it today. I have yet to review his code, but the fact that he did some work is nice since that means less work tomorrow… I hope.

Well, I’m tired and I have some stuff to print…