Amazon Wishlist

This plug-in will allow you to list your wishlist on your own WordPress powered site! This plug-in allows you to view a small image of the item, the title of the item with a link to that item, and text on when the item was added to the wishlist. Locals supported are US (, UK (, DE (, JP (, FR (, and CA (

Please note that this project has not been updated for some time and is not supported any more. I cannot guarantee that it will work with newer versions of WordPress.



Version 0.6 » Release May 20, 2006

  • Update by Chris Benard to the XHTML to make it Valid!
  • In addition, Chris fixed a bug where the back button was displayed on wishlists that were only one page long

Version 0.5 » Released January 20, 2006

  • Added support for three image sizes (small, medium, large)

Version 0.4 » Released November 12, 2005

  • Added support for locales in US, UK, DE, JP, FR, CA
  • Added support for displaying 1-10 items without navigation or test blurb
  • Added ability to hide navigation, blurb, and product images
  • Removed 90ms sleep that was used during testing

Version 0.3 » Released October 30, 2005

  • Updated REST URL to conform with new Amazon required fields.
  • No longer require users to obtain API key.

Version 0.2 » Released August 3, 2005

  • Fixed bug where link would point to a next page when there wasn’t one.
  • Added the ability for people to use their Amazon Associate ID

What’s included?

  • amazon-wishlist.php – This is the brains. Goes in wp-content/plugins
  • /amazon-wishlist-cache/ – This is your cache dir. Goes in wp-content/plugins
  • amazon-style.css – This is the lame style I use on my site. Please alter this to your liking.
  • wishlist.php – A very basic template file for the default template.
  • xmlparserclass.php – The class that the wishlist plugin uses to parse the Amazon Webservice.


  1. Download the source by saving this file
  2. Edit amazon-wishlist.php as needed
  3. Upload the amazon-wishlist.php and amazon-wishlist-cahce directory to your wp-content/plugins directory
  4. Make sure the amazon-wishlist-cache directory in wp-content/plugins is CHMOD 777
  5. Activate the plugin.
  6. Activave the XML Parser class plugin. New Step as of 10/31!!
  7. Create a new template file with in there. Or, if you are using the default template try out my very basic wishlist.php template file.
  8. View your wishlist!

But, Ryan, I’ve got style…

Not to worry friends, I have created some CSS classes for you all to use in your pursuit for pure wishlist design euphoria. They are:

  • .wishlist – This is the outer most UL that contains the wishlist.
  • .wishlistitem – As the name says, this is a LI for each item in your list.
  • .wishlistadded – This is a SPAN that contains the added date. I like mine small.
  • .amazonbr – This BR is used to clear the float I used in my example.
  • .alignleft & .alignright – Used to position the navigation on the bottom of the page.

Calling displayAmazonWishlist

In version 0.4 and after the following parameters can be used:

  • count – When this is set, the user can display 1-10 images on their site, without navigation, and without the little information blurb at the top of the wishlist.
  • displayImage – When set to true all images will be displayed (if an image exists).
  • displayTag – When set to true will display the little informational tag at the top of the wishlist.
  • hideNav – When set to true, the navigation at the bottom of the wishlist will be hidden

Here are some examples on how you can call this function from your template file:
Example #1: The defaults
<?php displayAmazonWishlist(); ?>
The above will display your wishlist with all items, images, blurb, and navigation.

Example #2: Only one item
<?php displayAmazonWishlist(1); ?>
This will display only the most recent item from your wishlist with images, no blurb, and no navigation.

Example #3: No Images and no blurb
<?php displayAmazonWishlist(10, false, false); ?>
This will display the wishlist without images or the blurb, but will also show navigation.


Can’t find your wishlist? The new method

If you are having problems, make sure you have changed the Amazon wishlist ID to your amazon wishlist ID. You can find out your ID, by viewing your Amazon wishlist. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Click the Wish List link on the top right of the main page
  3. On the right side of your wish list there is a section titled “Your Wish Lists.” Click the link in that section that is titled “Manage you Wish Lists”
  4. You should now see all of your lists. More than likely you just have one. Click the link to the wishlist that you want to display
  5. In the URL that is displayed look for something like “&id=EKZ7W1E8MXHB” It will more than likely be near the very end of the URL and you might not be able to see it without scrolling the URL to the right. If you are having problems seeing it, try copy and pasting the URL into a text editor like notepad
  6. Take the letter and number combination after &id= and set that as your $wishlistID. In my example, mine would be EKZ7W1E8MXHB

Can’t find your wishlist? The old method

Note: This method appears to not work as of August 6, 2005.

If you are having problems, make sure you have changed the Amazon wishlist ID to your amazon wishlist ID. You can find out your ID, by viewing your Amazon wishlist. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. On the top right of you should see a link to “Wish List”. Click it.
  3. At this point you should be viewing your wishlist. You should see a link that looks like want the part that says YOURWISHLISTID. For example, mine is EKZ7W1E8MXHB
  4. Enter in this value into the $wishlistID variable at the top of the plugin file.

Internal Server Error?

This one is fixed by making sure that your $wishlistCachePath is set to the server path to your cache directory. This should look something like: /home/www/wp-content/plugins/amazon-wishlist-cache There should be a slash at the beginning and not one at the end. In addition to making sure that the path is correct, make sure that your amazon-wishlist-cache directory in wp-content/plugins is CHMOD 777. Most FTP programs will allow you to change this.

Can’t figure out how to get it to show up?

If you are using the default template that came with WordPress 1.5 you can use the template that I have provided in the ZIP archive, wishlist.php. Just upload this baby into your wp-content/themes/default/ directory. Then, from your admin interface create a new page and be sure to select the Wishlist template! You can title the page, but any text that you enter will not be displayed on the page.