Once again today was a bitch. I spent 13 hours on campus. That must be a record for me. But, it was really great walking back in the rain. Yeah, right. Anyways we made progress on our CSE project. However, I feel bad, I am doing jack shit on this part of the project and I really don’t exactly know what is going on, but at the same time I know exactly what is going on. Kind of odd, but so true. I just want this week to be over so I can relax before my CSE final. It’s not that this upcoming week is that bad, but I am getting stressed and then I start to go crazy and I just become a complete scatter brain. So, if you see me and I don’t make much sense, please bear with me, I’m just being mildly retarded this week. I swear it’s only this week. In a week I will be fine and ready to move on to better things’ but, until that day comes I have more stressing to do about our CSE project. *sigh*

The quarter is beginning to wind down here and the work load is reaching it’s high point in this last week of class. I have two projects to do and a test to prepare for. All of which will be completed by next Wednesday. So, needless to say the stress level is rising to a point where I am not really having a good time. But, this is only one week and it will never compare to the quarter where I had three finals in one day. That day was hell… But, the weekend is coming and I plan to relax, no matter what the cost. I am near complete on my INFO project, I don’t know how hard I am going to study for my INFO test and, well, CSE can go to hell.

See, yesterday all I really did was school, except for the couple hours I was at the IMA. But, it sucked. I really hate studying for 12 hours straight and not doing much else, it just drives me crazy. I can’t really say that I study hard, but I know that in the upcoming days I will have to do this to finish out strong this quarter. This will probably be my best quarter (keeps fingers crossed) since I was a 1st quarter freshman. So, yeah, it’s been like that. But, I am definitely not going to miss this quarter… that much. Then I just have to look forward to 18 credits of hell next quarter… I have no idea what I am doing to myself, but it will turn out alright in the end.