It was a very good weekend this weekend. I ended up in poker on Friday night, got to hang out w/ Kelsey on Sat, and saw Last Samuari on Sunday w/ Jai and Kony. So, needless to say it was a good weekend. Now, that is the last fun I have for, um, one day. I have to study for my INFO 300 final on Tuesday. But, I don.t know what to think of it so far. I mean, the class was really easy and I have all the possible points so far in this quarter. I really don.t know if I can expect the same from this test or what, but I do know that I will have to study for it.

But, yeah, it looks like the funk I was in last week is finally over. I think it had to do with my CSE project and all the stress it was bringing on me. But, as of yesterday it was all over. That was our last project and it did not come a day too soon. This quarter is ending quite nicely, better than most. But the work is not yet done, but it is getting lighter by the day.

So, now I must go to sit here and do… well… nothing