Well, I’m back in the Midwest. It has been quick past few days, but that is alright with me. I had my Computer Science test on Tuesday and it went much better than I expected. Now, I did study quite a ridulous amount for this test. I mean I had nothing to do for a week so when I was bored I studied. How many hours was this then? Well… about 16 or more. Yup, I studied 16 hours just for one silly test. Now, the upside to this was that when I took this test I felt like I knew everything that was on this test. Going on this feeling I completed the test in an hour, half of our allotted time. It made me feel pretty good to be done, but at the same time quite nervous because I got done so fast. Now I sit and wait for grades to be posted on MyUW. *sigh*

However, like I said, I am home. That is all that matters at this point. It was snowing when I landed and it is a little colder than I am used to. Now, it’s nothing that I haven’t been throught before, but I am so used to the mild Seattle weather that this is cold for me. But, luckily I spend most of my time inside.

I am back at work continuing on with my internship position that I had a Supervalu, Inc. this summer. It started off fine, but I have completed around four days of work in two days all because I found a shortcut in the process that cut the time down by like 75%. So, I am left picking up people’s work mid stride. This is really hard to do. It is like being in a class that you know nothing about and then showing up for the final with the expectation that you will get a 4.0 on the test. That is what it was like for me today in the last 3 hours of work. I was told that I needed to get out some reports on testing by the end of the day, but that I had to decipher everything on my own with no knowledge of the last three months worth of work. Needless to say that sucked. Come Monday it will be more of the same. But, now it’s the weekend and I can sleep in a little and finally relax.

It’s nice to be home… but I miss Seattle and the people there already.