Today’s Victim

Again today I amaze myself. I was going downstairs to get a drink out of the fridge to put into this cup I have from IKEA. I set it on the counter so I could open the fridge and get the drink out. While setting the cup down I notice that our Brita pitcher was empty on the counter from earlier in the day when I emptied it into my Nalgene before classes. So, I figured that I would fill it up so I had the water for tomorrow. As I precede to pickup/move the pitcher towards the direction of the sink I nudge the cup off of the counter and onto the floor. The first hit was amazing, it didn’t break. However, on the second hit it completely fell apart and was in pieces on the floor. Startled, I made some not so nice comments directed at myself then I proceeded to clean up my mess. I got the large parts picked up quite easily and when I got to this small piece of the cup it decided to make by day by puncturing the fragile skin on my left pinky. So, now I am bleeding all over my finger and the blood is coming out quite rapidly. I go to the sink to wash it off and it seems that the wound doesn’t know the meaning of stop bleeding. After it slowed down I made my move and put a band-aid no my pinky to stop the bleeding.

Now, needless to say this is quite silly on my part, but this is the third day in a row that I have done something to physically harm myself. I have now successfully cut my right index finger on a pair of scissors opening a box, burned my left index finger making dinnfer, and now I cut my left pinky on a piece of glass that I was trying to pickup.

However, in other news…. I dropped I S 300. That class is lame and was not worth my time and effort. So, my updated schedule can be found here.