So far, so good

This week has been much better than expected. I can attribute this to a couple of reasons:

1. Got my netowrking test back and got a 97, which was suprising to me
2. Took the 311 exam and am feeling “confident” about it
3. My CSE project is done before the due date
4. The networking lab is pushed back a week, thank goodness
5. The CSE exam is open book and open note

So, as much as I thought this week would suck, it has not. Things have been going really well this week. I even had time to finish up some work for my brother’s website, The weekend should be a nice break from class and tests, a time to relax with friends, but the work will still be coming along in a steady flow. But, overall things are really positive right now, what more could I ask for?

Current Feeling: Elated.