College != High School

Alright, I understand that some of you suck at managing your time, I am no different. But, seriously, this is College not High School and there are a different set of responsibilities that come with it. You can’t be asking professors for extensions on every little thing, or asking for points back on everything. So, if you can’t handle it, get out. I’m sick of being held back because you can’t keep up. I mean, you can’t move things around every time you are inconvenienced just to make your life more convenient. Just take it like the majority of college students do, and work for it. You will be glad that you worked for it. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

On a final note: I’m glad that people understand me and agree with me on this. If you are curious on what spawned this read a reply I made below to a class list serv.

Current Feeling: Bleeeeeeeaaaaah!!

My response to a proposal to extend the due date for the 1st part of our final lab project:

Ok, as much as I like this initiative, I disagree and feel that the due date of next week on Tuesday should stand. I feel that Professor Blommers has been more than willing to hear us out on extra points for quizzes, points and an extension past labs, and the midterm exam. This project is the last big thing that we have in this class and I feel that it should be treated as such. As you notice we do not have a final scheduled and I am treating this lab as my final chance to improve my grade. I wouldn’t expect a professor to move a final because I have another one the same day and this should be no different.   

While I sympathize with those of you who have not started this lab or are in a bind for time working on this and other coursework, but this date was known for some time and maybe if we did not have the Lab 4 pushed back to be due until tomorrow we would not be asking for an extension like this in the first place.

Many of us have this CSE project that is due next Wednesday but, many of us are not asking for an extension because this is what is expected of us as students. We can’t keep asking for extensions on things in classes because we can; it will more than likely interfere inadvertently with other classes and their works load (like it did now with the extension of Lab 4). Instead, we should be working with the schedule and due dates that we were given and run with it like the students we are. Many of you are looking for some real world experience from this major, well, here is some experience for you. Working on a tight deadline with little time to accomplish what seems an undoable task.

I do not mean to offend anyone who differs on these views, but enough is enough and you will find my group and me working on this lab tomorrow in the TE lab.