Lost in the Translation

Everyday we all walk around bringing to this world something unique and different. Do we act how we want to act, or are we influenced to be someone else to act as a person who we really are not? Should I take an action because it is the “socially” correct thing to do, or should it be because of what I want to do? What is it about society that puts all of this pressure on us? Will we ever have the answer to these questions?

Those are just some of the things that were running through my mind tonight after watching Lost in Translation. It just made me think a bit about the above questions. I mean, I would like to think that I am more of myself than I am of what other people want me to be, but I cannot be too sure sometimes. I think that I do a pretty good job being just me and being true to myself and never tying to be someone that I am not. This is just my perspective but it is nice to know who you really are. Sometimes the only way to know this is from your friends and people who know you more than just a name and a face. But it is just interesting to challenge your own thinking for a moment and to take a step back to reflect for a moment on how you really are.

I see myself as one who will stick to his word and will nine times out of ten tell you exactly what is on my mind and not regret any word of it. But at the same time I am extremely shy and sometimes just sit back and watch things happen and I can look and see a different perspective of things. This can be good, but at times opportunities are lost, by maybe they are salvaged as well by being like this. It’s nice just to be lost for a little while and to be found again. You have the chance to take a step back to think about who you are what you are as well.

Current Thought/Emotion: Tired and ready for the weekend.