Productivity and the Two Weeks to Come

There seems to be so many things to do, and all of this time to do it. With the quarter winding down the crunch begins and the “real” students start to show what they are made of. What I mean is that it is easy to come and go to class day in and day out, but it takes something else to handle all of the deadlines and requirements that are bestowed upon a full time student. Over the next two weeks I will have important projects, papers, and labs due in all of my classes. I anticipate that I will get them all done. No, wait, I don’t anticipate that I will I KNOW that I will. It is just a matter of quality.

The only part of the quality that I am worried about is in my section of our INFO 311 paper. Sure, I can write a paper and do research, but it’s hard to make it not suck. Of course the term “suck” is all relative and maybe what I think sucks might be another persons best work. Still, it can’t be bad, I’ve got a group to not let down. But, that will be what I should/will be working on this week.

I know that I will be hearing the common questions about grades and maybe the occasional complaining about due dates, but I know that I will not be one of those people. I know what I’ve done in all of my classes and I can accept that. As long as you can accept that you have done academically you have nothing to complain about. Sure you might not be as good as other students in your class, but there is a reason for that. Figure it out and get back to me when you know. I just damn lazy and sometimes I just don’t want to do anything, but I still get it all done somehow.

So, over the next few weeks you’ll find me in the lab, doing research online, working on programming on top of what is already expected of me.

Current Feeling: Laziness