Super Tuesday

Well, this really isn’t about the Caucuses that took place today, but rather about an image that I saw on the Seattle Times web page. The image really says a lot, in my opinion. They, Urban Outfitters, claim that the shirt was “never meant to be misconstrued as an anti-voting T-shirt.” Heh, yeah, right. My stance on voting is as follows. Vote and you have the right to bitch all you want. If you don’t vote, then shut the hell up and talk to someone who cares.

3 thoughts on “Super Tuesday”

  1. totally agree with the “don’t vote, shut the hell up” concept.

    as such, that t-shirt is stupid.

    never meant to be an anti-voting t-shirt? c’mon now. anyway, yea, check that time stamp. crap it’s early. crap i can’t wait til weekend. >_<

  2. I dont vote. I dont bitch.

    So…voting is for bitches.

    I’m too lazy to make it down to vote and even if i did, i’d be casting an uninformed vote, which imo is just as bad if not worse than voting at all.

    politics is shady business, so i stay away.

  3. I’m registered to vote, I’m quite excited to see Bush get his ass beat by a nicely united Democratic party. The only way this can happen is if the younger, more liberal people get off their damn asses and vote.

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