Say Hello To WordPress

I decided that CGI wasn’t my thing, so I switched over to WordPress. I like it because of the PHP stuff, but I had to do a little hacking to maintin the layout that I had from MT blog. It wasn’t that MT was a bad blogging system, but I just thought it was a little clunky and the XML style tags were a little annoying as well as the compiling of the site upon every entry. I hope that I will just be satisified with this and just let it be. It looks to be pretty good so far, but we’ll see how long this lasts.

2 thoughts on “Say Hello To WordPress”

  1. Hey! Awesome to see that you switched over to WordPress. I feel dumb for not noticing this sooner. Somehow your RSS feed was removed from my news aggregator.

    Anyway, the site looks nice (better than that horrid blue on mine… if only I had the time/patience to make something that looks decent).

    Enjoy your summer.

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