Week In Review 5/8 – 5/14

Busy week this week and it will hopefully let up starting next week. But, despite the amount of work, studying, and other crap that went on this week, I actually had a really good week this week. You can read all the juicy details, or hrm… well, what I have, below.

After work Jamie and I headed downtown to Pacific Place for dinner and so that she could go to Illuminations to get some new candles. Also, while downtown, we went to dinner at Gordon Biersch. That, to me, felt like our first real “outside-U-District” date since we began dating. It was really cool and I had a really good time. I just wanted meat and potatoes for dinner but I also got a good time with the lady too. Which, is always an added bonus.

Later that night it was off to Murphy’s in Wallingford to celebrate Wendy’s 21st birthday. It was cool to be in attendance for her birthday, but we had to head out early and back home for the evening.

Studied for the better part of the day today. Then it was off to Trotter’s to work on our INFO 310 presentation. We pretty much screwed around for a few hours then headed home for the night. It’s done, and it is going to be way cool.

Worked in the morning and realized that I didn’t have much to do. So, I began reading this new book I purchased titled ‘The Future of Freedom’. The book looks to be pretty good so far from reading the first chapter of the book. I’m sure I’ll let you know how it goes as I continue to read it.

But, other than that the only other cool thing of that day was our Silver Bullets soccer game that night. It was cool because we actually scored 2 goals! We tied it at the end of regulation and then we lost it in penalty kicks. It was a really fun game, but now by body is screaming at me because of my sprits of athletic indulgence.

Again, I was bored today. It is not that I didn’t have things to do, but I just didn’t want to do them. If you want to know why see this blog entry from the 12th.

This is a long day of class and studying. Day started off in my FIG training class at 8:30 am. Class was, well… class and at 10:30 I was glad to head out. But, at the same time I didn’t want to because I knew that I had to go begin the documentation for our 340 deliverable that is due on Monday. Then it was lecture and more studying in the afternoon.

But, dinner @ Dragon Fly with Jamie and Trotter was good times. Jamie got the bronze star but couldn’t step up to get the gold. All she needed was to eat the entire potsticker… in one bite. Come on, it’s not that hard, right? Well, maybe. A few hours later it was practice time for our 310 presentation. Yeah, it rocks, and we know it! Then it was off to Trotter’s to finish off some ice cream and to just relax before heading home for the night.

Again, no INFO 380 today. This just blew my mind. But, all was well with a little trip to IHOP. But, the day was young and studying still needed to be done. So, that is what the rest of my afternoon and evening at work was busy with. After work there was a little miscommunication between the lady and myself, but this was quickly resolved and the night was had with her. Which, in my opinion, was awesome!

Got the condo keys today. Only one step closer to moving in now! The place looks way sweet and I’m pumped to move in over Memorial Day weekend. It will be a nice change from where I am now, but more will come on this after I move in.

I also had to go to the bank to get my account stuff worked out. After that it was lab, work, dinner, and then back to MGH to just chill out and help a little. Busy day to end a busy week. Before I know it classes will be over for the year and then summer school can start :/

But, now it’s time for me to sleep…