End of Year/Quarter Stuff

The past quarter has come and gone and now it is time to enjoy the little bit of summer that I have before classes start. I am not concerned that I won’t have any summer to enjoy, because I will, but it just won’t be me sitting around doing nothing. I have a VLPA to take and work to be at. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to summer, even more so since grades came out a few days ago.

Now, I must say that I am a little surprised with what I got for grades. I mean, some were higher than expected (INFO 380) and some were right about what I thought they would be (INFO 340/310). But, the thing that threw me off was that I got credit for my FIG Training class. I didn’t expect this because I hardly every made that class (like 3 times w/ 2 weeks off) because of my crazy schedule from the past quarter. When I saw that I got credit, I was pretty stoked.

Also, in other school related news… I won the Henry Scholarship that was open to all continuing Informatics majors. So, I get a $1,500 credit to my Autumn tuition. That should be nice to have since I have out of state tuition. I was pretty excited to win this and it took me off guard a few days ago when I got notice that I had won it.

Really, I’m pretty pleased on how I did in classes last year. My cumulative GPA rose to almost a 3.6 and I made the Annual Dean’s List for the second time. I can only hope that I can keep it up next year and end strong.