The Weekend

The past few days have been pretty good, with the exception of Friday.

Friday I was covering a shift for a coworker and that made for a 12+ hour day away from home and on campus. I was ready to go home after my morning class, but I had to stick around campus to be able to get some work done. Mainly, I had a book that I had to read for class. But, before work began, I finished the book. It was a decent read, but not a book that you would just go out and purchase.

Also on Friday I spent some time to begin the first stages of an online portfolio. The link is at the top of the page in the navigation bar. It is still being worked on and with any luck I will be able to script some stuff for this site tomorrow.

It is rare for me to want to script because it is one of those things that just requires a specific mindset and I usually lacking that mindset. But, I am excited to try some things out and to just refine my web scripting.

Hmm… what else? Saturday was mainly a get-stuff-done day. Was up @ 930 and just got things done before work. That freed up the evening to attend the Seafair Torchlight Parade with Miss Jamie. We had dinner at Gordon Biersch and I must say for the many times I have been there I don’t think we have ever been served as fast was we were that night. It was pretty incredible.

The parade was pretty cool, I have seen a few parades in my lifetime so far and the are all quite similar. There is music, girls doing stuff, floats, more stuff, more girls doing stuff, and so on… We waited all night so that Jamie could see the Seafair Pirates. She thinks that she wants to be a pirate, but I keep telling her that a prerequisite is that you need to be able to scare people like the cannon does on their float. Yeah, their cannon shook me when we went off and it also ruptured the ear drums of all the little children around. So, if it wasn’t the cannon making noise, it was all the little babies.

Today was canoeing on Lake Washington and me getting burned. Yeah. End of story there. It was nice out and we were on the lake for almost a good two hours. Now I am supposed to be studying for my test tomorrow, but I really don’t feel like it. I just want to get my pass in these 7 VLPA credits and be done w/ my general education requirements. But, 3 more weeks and that will be a reality. For it is not a matter of passing, it is just a matter of what grade I get.

Maybe I should just flip though the notes I took really quick…