Blue Angels

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It is something about high powered jets, breaking the sound barrier, and pinpoint precision that just makes you stand there in complete awe as the F-18s fly overhead. I don’t know what it is that draws me to planes like this, but I just am amazed at what they can do. It is much more than the fact that they fly faster than the speed of sound. I think that the precision of flying within feet of each other at those high rates of speed is what blows my mind. I cannot imagine something going so fast being to precise. But, today I witnessed the Blue Angels in action with Anthony on a hill looking onto Lake Washington.

We were able to see the beginning of the show and almost all of it. We had to leave a little early because I had to be to work at 1 *sigh* But, while we were there we were just amazed at these planes.

When we arrived at our viewing point there was only one other family there to partake in the viewing of the Blue Angels. But, as time went on the amount of people increased. Every single pair of eyes was glued to the sky. Where we were standing there was a limited view and we had to use our ears and the sound of the jets to help us orient us to where they were coming from. This worked when they were at low speeds but there was an instance where one of the Angels’ flew right by us and we didn’t know it until the jet was gone. Of course, at this time the sound caught up with us and we were just like “Woah!” I caught a glimpse of it as it went out of our field of view and you could see the bubble forming on the jet as is common when they reach the sound barrier. See the below picture from their offical site to know what I mean.

Breaking the sound barrier

I have always been fascinated with planes in any sort. Whether it is an airliner, an old WW I era fighter, or the new generation of fighters today. After seeing this today I am tempted to go to a full fledged air show sometime to see more planes in action. I know that they have killer air shows in Europe, but I don’t think that I would travel half way around the world to see one.

Pics from the show

Breaking the sound barrier

Breaking the sound barrier

Breaking the sound barrier

Needless to say it was an amazing show. If you are in the Seattle area you have one last chance tomorrow to see them in action. They will be over Lake Washington again from 12pm to 12:45pm on Sunday the 8th.

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  1. niice pics man. I saw them overhead from my window a few times yesterday too. they never seem to amaze just about everybody. I used to see them all the time though when i lived in california, we used to go to miramar all the time (which is where the blue angels practice, i believe) and watch them and go to air shows and stuff down there. It was awesome. If you get the chance to go see one, definitely do it. You’ll love it

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