What I’ve Been Up To

It wasn’t until this morning when I was on the phone with my Mother after my 1st of two midterms that I realized that I had not called home in a while and this lead to a simple question, “What have you been up to?” Ok, I can just reply and say that I have been busy, which is true, but not entirely the answer that she is looking for. The funny thing of it was that I couldn’t even remember what I did for part of last weekend. I just knew that I was busy.

I have become so dependent on computers that I need to open up iCal to tell you what I did a week ago. I no longer remember telephone numbers, they go right into my address book and/or cell phone. My memory is on what’s next not what has happened. So, I had to start with this weekend and move backwards. So, what did I do?

Last week was your basic run of the mill week for me. I had class, work, and time to relax. There was an IUGA Officers meeting on Tuesday. We worked on the Constitution that nobody seems to know exists. Hold on, have to open iCal to see what I did next…

Oh yeah, Informatics New Student Orientation was on Wednesday. The IUGA officers show up to intorduce our student group and to answer any questions that the student services people can’t. The questions are usually pretty good, but sometimes you just get odd ball questions and ones that you are saying in your mind “What the hell? Did you just ask that?” I played nice and just went along with it.

Thursday was the Van Gogh exhibit at SAM and me spilling Pepsi all over myself at Red Robin. Yeah, last time I had soda in my lap was the day before my 21st birthday. Oh, good times.

Friday was a long day of work, class, and shift coverage again at work. Came home to a whole lot of nothing and just hung out by my self that night. Yeah, I’m cool… I swear.

Saturday included a quickly planned trip w/ Anthony to see the Blue Angels. Yeah, they are amazing. Then I biked to work only to be told that all of the water in the T-Wing (where I work) was out for repairs. So, like the genius that I am I decided to use the bathroom in the staff lounge only to have it perpetually flush for the rest of my shift and till God knows when. Funny thing was the guy I called to fix it on Saturday was here @ 7:30 this morning to fix it. Hah.

The rest of Saturday night included eating at Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon, and moving Jamie out of Irene’s place in Belltown into her new place on Roosevelt. Her place is a good size and is actually a little bigger then where I am now. It has a wicked view of Seattle. Now, there can be massive seducing going on there.

Sunday involved me getting a Costco membership and then shopping there. The damages weren’t too bad, but I enjoyed the muffins that I got this morning during my 7am walk to work. Yeha, then before Costco madness we ventured to IKEA to look for stuff for Jamie’s place. I also found some stuff, and I manged to beak the glass on my frame when I was putting the picture in it. *sigh* Oh, well.

Later that night it was off to UPC for church and communion. This is where Jamie finally realized what the little holes in the pews were for (communion cups).

All in all it has been a good summer thus far. I commend you for read thus far and maybe I might post more stuff like this if readers are so inclined. Of course, I don’t know if you like it unless you tell me.

Until next time…

Note: I changed the “Week in Review” category name to “The Roundup”