Some People Just Don’t Know Better

You know you always have that person in your class that just doesn’t get what is going on and then always happens to ask the “stupid” question despite the saying that there are no such things as stupid questions? I have had classes with people like this and I am currently in one and it is, at this point, simply humorous. Whether it is someone asking “What is a NOS?” after the prof just spent a good 30 minutes telling us what it is or the smart alec in class that thinks he is always right when he is really always wrong. Comments like “Why doesn’t she just leave her husband and go on her own if she is so unhappy?” just blow my mind. Not that I think that is wrong, it is not considering the conversation, but we’re talking about the 1950s here… we all should know better, or so I thought.

2 thoughts on “Some People Just Don’t Know Better”

  1. Some people’s ignorance never ceases to amazing me. Unfortunately there isn’t much anyone can do about it other than take a deep breath and remind themselves that they too must seem ignorant to the more informed.

  2. I find myself with those type of people all the time. Sometimes it’s nice though, when you don’t really want to ask the “stupid question” in front of 100+ people in the room. It’s annoying, but that’s just how some people are and everyone has to deal with it. :[]

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