CS: I Guess I Can Still Play

I decided today, because I was bored, that I would play some CS to pass the time. I joined some random server with a good ping and I played for about 20 minutes. Around 10 minutes in this is what I saw on the scoreboard:

11 and 1 in CS

Yeah, blew me away since I hardly play any more.

/me turns off the hax


5 thoughts on “CS: I Guess I Can Still Play”

  1. Woo hoo! Yeah, I haven’t played CS in a while either. It’s weird going into a pub and actually doing well since you haven’t played in a long ass time. I wouldn’t know though, since I always suck it up. :\

    <3 superman

  2. Nice, it’s always cool when you go back to something you haven’t done in a while and you pick it up like riding a bike. I’ve been playing Dod a lot recently, but I still suck it up most the time… damn clanners!

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