Nostalgia Trip

Currently I am having this feeling of sadness. Why? Well, I am usually home over the summer and last week was camp. I always looked forward to working at camp and this summer was the first in the last three that I have not worked at camp or attended. I always looked forward to working at camp. I got to see old friends again and they paid me to play and hang out with them for an entire week. What I really miss is what happens after camp. All of my friends, old and new, begin to hang out again. I am missing that, but am I?

I have really enjoyed staying in Seattle this summer. I have been seeing the drift from my former life and friendships in Minnesota move towards where I am now in Seattle.

As my senior year approaches I keep thinking on where I would like to work. My first thought is that I want to stay here in Seattle. I really like it here and I have made some great friendships, plenty in the last year alone (INFO Crew), and I don’t want to leave that. It is tough to start over.

I do miss not hanging out with my old MN friends. It is that tie of my past that I would prefer to not leave. But, it is difficult to maintain those relationships. Phone calls, which are few and far between, are not the best way to manage a friendship, let alone a relationship in general.

It is not as if I have done nothing this summer and not been around my friends, but I am just on this nostalgia trip right now. I am sure it will heighten when I get home in a few days, but I have to remember that I have made some great friendships in Seattle that I don’t want to loose when school is all over.