Thursday Night At Alki

Tonight it was happy hour at Bamboo Grill on Alki with Jamie, Kathryn, and Anthony. The food was actually pretty good and not to expensive either. I would go back to that place again, if the transportation was around to get me there. But, the view was pretty cool from outside the eatery. Hopefully I’ll be back there again before the summer is over.

Then it was off to screwing around on the beach for a bit (see Jamie’s Blog for other pics) followed up with bubble tea for Kathryn and Jamie and more screwing around on the waterfront. Overall it was a good way to kill 3 hours on a night before a final exam. Speaking of which… I should maybe study? Nah.

Below are some pictures off of my camrea phone from this pre/post test diversion.

Seattle From Alki
A shot of Seattle from Alki. If I had my real digital camrea this picture would have been much better.

Trotter on a Log
He likes to screw around and this picutres just goes to show that.

Trotter Getting Into Car
Again, same thing… this time he was too cool for the car door.