Golfing with a k00n

Today I had the pleasure to go to the UW driving range with my friend Stephen.

It was a glorious day outside. The skies were grey and the rain was coming and going with the swings of our clubs. During our time at the driving range we talked about our relationships with our respective ladies, school, and life, among other things. It was simply joyous to talk to such a bright young man!

Going to the range reminded me how much golf I have not been playing in the past years and how much I used to play after my freshman summer in college. I guess that was the perk of having a membership at a pretty decent course.

After the range we headed back to my place where we stared at each other with amazement as we viewed the surroundings. It was simply a sight for the ages!

Now I am sitting here at my desk, in my chair of all places, reflecting on how I ate too much for dinner and would not be able to swing a golf club if my life depended on it.