Interim Bliss

Now that my summer interim is fully upon me I have found that I have a lot of time to do a bunch of things. To keep myself occupied I bought a two new books, began a redesign of my site, bought two DVDs, got three new CDs, and also got a new video game to play. You think I wouldn’t be bored, right? Wrong. So much free time, so much time to fill.

// Work

My shifts at work are quite long and at times I just can’t find things to do. My goal was to finish Tommy Frank’s book by Saturday, but I didn’t get up to finishing it. Don’t really know why. I have read almost half of it so far, but I still have quite a bit of it left to read. It is good so far and I am glad I got it. I mean, I stared at it in Barnes & Noble for the longest time and Jamie just told me to get it. So, I did… with her B&N discount.

As for those long shifts… they are really long. I mean, I have had shifts like this before, just not at a job like this. I get broed quite fast. Luckily there were installs to do and I was able to stay occupied with those for some time on Friday and Saturday. But, man, these next few weeks at work will be the longest that I have had in a while. Even longer than my empty A-Term schedule.

// Redesign

I have also been spending a decent amount of time in the design phase of my upcoming redesign of the site. I have been slowly teaching myself some photoshop and also getting some help along the way as well. Every little bit helps since this is a new approach for me to design. I am finding out that it is better for the process and I think that I would agree. I just need to stop being so stubborn about learning the new tools and spend time in the new process of design. It will only help me later down the line. The goal is to launch before classes begin on the 29th. I hope.

// Weekend

Today was spent across the sound in Port Orchard, Bremerton, and Silverdale. Now, I would not just go across the sound for just anything. I go for food. Free food. Chinese buffet to be more specific. But, after and hour of waiting for people to show up and then two straight hours eating, I had enough eating for the moment. It was good food, but I was just stuffed past capacity.

After lunch, we went off to do a little shopping in the Silverdale area. I vowed to not spend anymore money this weekend after my 3 CD purchase on Friday. However, this did not last. I found a utensil holder for my kitchen, which I had been looking for some time now. So, of course I needed to get it. *strike 1* Then we went to Best Buy to get Jamie a wireless router. That was it. I was not going to spend any more. Yeah, right. I got Madden 2005 for the PS2. *strike 2* *sigh*

I also got the grand tour of downtown Port Orchard on the way to lunch today. It wasn’t how I imagined from the descriptions of Jamie, but it did remind me of the smaller towns in Minnesota. Eclectic and small. It was a quick drive though downtown, but the stories told along the way was what made the town much more exciting than it might actually be.

Ferry Picture
Shot though the window of the ferry on the way to PO

Now I am ready to enjoy my day off of work tomorrow and to also enjoy my new purchases that I have made recently. I also am able to relish the fact that I don’t have to get up at any particular time tomorrow. Yes… that will be great.

Thought of the Night: Don’t expect any alternate endings in the movie “The Passion of the Christ”. You can figure out why.