INFO 380 Foreshadowing

Alright, don’t ask why I am doing this, even I don’t know. But, I was looking through some of the old class files from last year and I ran across the first lecture notes from the infamous INFO 380 that were taken by Aaron, Sean, and myself. I don’t know who wrote the following lines, but I found them quite funny.

why do I feel this class is going to rape us

Well, good luck with this…. yeah. Godspeed.

Oooh the foreshadowing! *sigh* If we only knew…

5 thoughts on “INFO 380 Foreshadowing”

  1. LoL~! dude, i wanted to read the notes because i forgot what class 380 was. but your “notes” were just random chit chat without people’s screen names. hella funny.

    btw, where’s the live comment preview?

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