Hands.. So.. Cold..

It is so cold in the Micro Lab that I am using the heat from my laptop to warm my hands. This is so sad. Do I really need to have gloves on in here? I mean, damn. I should keep typing since that keeps my hands warm, but I have nothing else to say except that my hands are frickin’ freezing!

7 thoughts on “Hands.. So.. Cold..”

  1. /me doesn’t really like the blogroll feature. It’s nice, but i think it’s unnecessary. I liked it better when it had all the names just listed. And…where’s manny’s link? I never visit his blog unless i link from yours! ;)

  2. Hey! i saw your comment on manny’s page.

    We should watch man on fire tomorrow since i haven’t seen it either…there’s a hollywood video right next to my place if you want me to pick it up. let me know! w00t!

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