Madden, Tiger, and Beer

Yesterday after work was busy and fun. It began by playing a ridiculous amount of Madden and Tiger Woods on the PS2 after work with Stephen.

The following is kinda a flashback to high school, well… middle school. But, I had a friend whose older brother would have his friends over to play video games quite often. My friend then said something to the effect of, “That is so silly that he has people over to play video games. You think he’d grow out of it.” Well, uh, that’s me now!

// Madden

It was good to have Stephen over to play Madden and TW. He is coming from playing Madden ’97 to Madden 2005. Pretty big difference if you ask me. The graphics and the gameplay are completely different. That was the first thing that he noticed. But, nevertheless we played and played to fill his heart’s content with Madden greatness.

It took him a while to get the hang of it and I tried to play nice, but it ended up being that the final game was the best one. We played in a showdown in terrible weather. Stephen was his Philly Eagles versus the Cleveland Browns. Yeah, uh… great match up. I was the Browns. le sigh

The game stayed close throughout and it came to his last drive with under 30 seconds left to play in the 4th quarter and McNabb tosses a ridiculous pass to Terrell Owens to get them on the 1 yard line with like 14 seconds left. Then, of course, he has to score to tie it at 34 at the end of regulation play.

Overtime was a different story. I won the toss, but couldn’t score. After a punt and some plays on the Eagles Offense he couldn’t score either. On the third drive in overtime I scored a touchdown in the middle of the end zone to end the game. Final score Browns 40, Eagles 34. GG!

// Tiger Woods

So, being the sports fans that we are and that we wanted to play something different we fired up Tiger Woods 2004. We started off with match play and when we started playing I forgot how much fun, and how easy, this game was. Match play was just the warmup for the best ball championship between Stephen and I versus our CPU opponents.

We were getting it handed to us pretty badly on the first few holes going down two strokes early. Their lead stretched to three at some points, but the back nine was a different story. Every few holes we would pull in a stroke and we would get closer and closer. On the 17th hole we tied it up going to the 18th. After some crappy shots by the CPU, I swear they did it on purpose, we got on the green with one stroke up on them. All we needed to do was sink our birdie putt and the win was ours. After the tricky line up and the putt, the ball found the bottom of the cup for the win! That was quite a way to end six hours of solid video gaming.

However, the night was not over…. yet.

// Beer

Now it was off to the Ram to meet up with some friends who had just got back in town yesterday. We had some beer and eats and just talked about what we did all summer, what we’d like to do this year and if we wanted to plan any trips again. It was definitely a good time to see them again and to just relax.

Now I am at work until 7pm and trying to figure out what to do with my time.