Presidential Debates: Round 1

Last night was the first round of debates between Sen. John Kerry and President George Bush. I was stuck in lab until 6pm and therefore missed the majority of the debates. I did manage to catch the last thirty minutes when I did get home. Did it matter to me who won/lost the debate? Not so much.

I can’t say that the debates mean much to me. I understand that it is the best way for a candidate to state where the specifically lie on the issues, but is is also a place for a lot of BS to take place. I am not a large fan of that in politics, but sadly this is all too often the case. It is mud slinging one way, then another.

What I do like is being able to see them on TV. It is how they stand, how they react, and how they listen (or not) to their opponent.

Personally, I see the debates only helping Kerry. He is a much better speaker than Bush is and I think that anybody would agree with this. What I don’t like are his long winded responses to a question like “Is your tie red?” Well, look down Mr. Senator it is indeed red! I don’t need to hear 90 more seconds about why it is red, that it was made in America by the middle class, or that you’ll lower taxes because your tie is red. A simple “Yes” will suffice. Now, I can’t just get on Kerry. Hell, don’t forget Poland.

Like I said before I really think that the debates don’t do much for those who already know who they are voting for. It helps the candidates get in touch with their party base, as was apparent last night–epically with Kerry, and to help those undecided voters swing to one candidate.

These debates are an institution of politics, similar to the conventions that occurred a while back. They will not go away, but I want more unscripted debating. None of this 30 pages of rules crap that there was last night.

I am like the 80% of the population that really don’t think the debates will change my mind. I have made my mind up on where to place my #2 pencil on Nov 2nd. But, for those of you who don’t, get informed. You have a month to do so. This is supposedly the greatest election of the past century, so make it happen.

Note: Catch the audio and more right here.
Edit: This article says Kerry won, but that it didn’t help. But this says it did.

1 thought on “Presidential Debates: Round 1”

  1. Well said, my friend, well said. “Hell, don’t forget Poland.” OMG that was great last night…

    I, like you, dont think the debates do much to change the minds of those who have already decided. It sure as hell didn’t change mine. It was all too apparent that 110% of what was said was scripted, and it really didn’t make for debate of content. More like debate of presentation, for which I believe Kerry won. But it was sad to not see any more specificity come out of the debates (which is what i was looking for) than can be found in any 30 second commercial on tv today. Too much of the same ol rhetoric back and forth that was none too inspiring.

    Perhaps I could’ve found something interesting in the debates aside from the 15,000 foreign policy/war on terror questions if I hadn’t spent so much time laughing at George do the whole *pause* *blink, blink * *pause…pause* *blink* routine after every question.

    I especially liked, “We’re after Saddam Hussein……I mean bin Laden.” WOWOWOW GFG GWB!

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