Veep Debate

Watching this debate between Cheney and Edwards is much better than that of last Thursday. Both of their ties are red, so I can’t really joke too much about that. However, the gloves are obviously off between these two and some good dialogue is coming out because of it. Both are very good speakers, but I am not picking who won or not. I just don’t find it necessary.

There are two Presidential debates left and if you haven’t seen a debate yet, be sure to check out one of the ones coming up.

Also, is it me or do 90 seconds in a debate seem like a lifetime?

1 thought on “Veep Debate”

  1. I only got to watch the very last question of the debate, but i did notice one thing….why do they get to sit down, but Kerry and Bush have to stand up for the whole thing? That’s injustice.


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