The Weekend

The past weekend was good, really good. I had the chance to just relax, go out, work, and do a little studying. The weekend was a good balance of doing something and just doing nothing.

Friday started out with little sleep and then opening at work. Usually this is not a good combination for me. I often become cranky and unbearable in those situations. But, on Friday I was fine–strange. After work it was relaxing at home and just getting some stuff done that I needed to get done. That night was the part that is worth writing about.

Later that night I headed out to The Eating Factory with the old roommates from McMahon. It was similar to Todai, but a little cheaper. We all ate copious amounts of sushi and asian cuisine. We ate so much that it was the hardest time to get up and to move to the car. After we retuned home Jamie trekked back over the bridge (again) to watch Lilo & Stitch. Yes, she is Lilo.

Saturday was work, and then a part in Sand Point. The observation of the night was that many people did not go to school at UW. So, starting a conversation with a line like “So, how is school?” and then they respond “I don’t go to school.” Well, great, now what do I say. So, conversations were basically limited to Trevor, Rufino, Anthony, and then later Jamie. It was fun to go out and get some free drinks. It was also ironic that I knew one of the girls throwing the party; I had a class with her this summer. How strange.

Sunday was pretty relaxed as well. Breakfast ala Jamie. The place didn’t burn down and the food was good. Then it was back home to watch the Seahawks blow their huge lead against the Rams and then loose in overtime. *sigh* I still think I’ll probably get season tickets next year. Then Jamie stopped by with some tasty apple something from the market. I also watched John Q last night with Kony. It is a good Denzel Washington movie, if you are looking to see one.

A good weekend. Hopefully the week goes well too. Hopefully today isn’t a sign. What I mean is that I showed up early for office hours and the prof didn’t show up. Oh well.

6 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. Yay for good weekends! And yes, fine-strange is right. I hadn’t realized you hadn’t gotten much sleep until after Lilo & Stitch was over and was suprised at how well you held up. Thanks for watching conmigo. =)

  2. I SWEAR RPrins, your gf has the COOOOOOLEST blog around. I can’t say enough good things about it…it’s just 0wnz0r.



    I would leave a comment on her xanga, but i dont have one. Thus, my comments get redirected here. WOWOWOWOOWOW


    3333 Jamie’s blog!!!! :D

    yours isn’t too bad either, but…….

    juniperx > ! ! !

  3. Dude, give credit where credit is due. I helped with breakfast on Sunday – I washed the grapes. And yes, the place did not burn down so (e)props to Jamie. Casey would be amazed. I would say that she’s Lilo with Stitch tendencies.

    And what’s up with the “le sigh”. Are you French?

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