Career Fairs

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week I attended two career fairs. The engineering and business career fairs. They were kind of what I expected, but also at the same time my preconceived ideas were way off. They were both worth my time and at the same time I wish I stayed longer and talked to more people. But, that is much easier to say now.

Firstly, the attendance when I was at the fairs was pretty light. Some booths had more people waiting in line and some less. But, this is to be expected since the demand for some jobs is much higher than others. Because of this, it wasn’t hard to get up and talk to the recruiters, which was nice. The reaction from them was mixed at times. I’ll give you an example:

Me: Hi, my name is Ryan!
Recruiter: Hi, my name is Joe Cool.
Me: What kind of jobs are you offering?
Recruiter: What is your degree in?
Me: Informatics.
Recruiter: Info-what?
Me: *sigh*

That was only at a few of the boots. But, after explaining what Informatics was (Human oriented technology, etc, etc…) the conversation moved to my resumé. That is what I wanted to talk about anyways. My resumé and me. How self serving of myself! I did have a few good talks with the various recruiters that I saw during the day and in a naive way hope that something comes of it. But, who knows? I am glad that I went to both, but I realized after attending both that the engineering one is more for the Informatcs people.

So, now I have been working on my cover letters, resumé, and looking on HuskyJobs for applications and other information. The job hunt has officially begun and I can only hope that it works out well in the end. I’m not worried that it won’t, but I want to be happy when it is all said and done with.