It Looks To Be Over

Last night’s election was exciting to watch. I enjoyed refreshing to see what changed or more so, what didn’t. When I got home and ate I sat down to watch the Daily Show on Comedy Central. In Daily Show fashion it was comical and took my mind off of what was happening with the election, if only for a while. After a while I got tired when nothing much had changed in the predicted electoral counts.

I woke up this morning to see that it was 254 to 252. I just checked the electoral count predictions and nothing else. However, when I got to class people were saying that Kerry had conceded the election. I don’t know if the numbers were leaning against him or not in Ohio, I thought that Kerry had a very good chance in Ohio before I went to bed, but it was a good race. I really had a good time watching it.

Another thing that I found interesting was what people thought were the most important issues when voting. This is from an ABC news poll.

  • Moral Values
  • War on Terror
  • Economics

That was interesting to hear last night. It really surprised me that moral values was at the top of the list. Maybe this is one of the reasons that the election went the way it went. Who knows?

Here are some of the local Seattle races:

  • Senator: Murray
  • Governor: Too close to call
  • US House 07: McDermott
  • Attorney General: McKenna
  • Superintendent of Education: Bergeson
  • Lieutenatnt Governot: Owen
  • I-884 Sales Tax: No
  • I-892 Gambling: No
  • I-872 Top Two Primary: Yes
  • Referendum 55 Charter Schools: No
  • I-297 Radioactive Waste: Yes
  • I-83 Monorail: No

A full listing of results for: King County & Washington State.

Another thing, when looking at statistics, was the difference of people who are in one party and voted for another party. I found it especially interesting when looking at the presidential election results. I didn’t know that there was so much cross-party voting going on in the presidency. What effect did this have, I don’t know. But, it was something that I just found quite interesting when looking at the stats.

Now, I don’t know what this election will mean for us now or in the future. Nor do I want to predict what will happen. I hope for a more unified nation under the administration, it may be a tall order to fulfil, but I hope that it can be done.

I just hope that people can live with what happened. I don’t expect people to agree with what happened yesterday. I know that there are a lot of people with very strong views, but please be considerate of those who have different views than those of your own.

Now it is on to what I can only hope are better days…