Deloitte Interview

I woke up this morning after my eight hours of sleep to the realization that I had an interview today. Of course I knew that it was today; I ironed my shirt that I was going to wear last night. But, it just struck me that at 8:30am I would be in an interview for a job after college.

I arrived on campus at my usual time and headed right to the Center for Career Services to check-in and get ready for the interview to come. When it was around 8:25 I was asked for my “homework”, some paperwork that was asked to be completed prior to the interview. So, I handed it over and again took a seat waiting for the interview to begin.

Promptly at 8:30am I was asked to come back into one of the many interviewing rooms to begin my interview. The interview that I had today was split into two parts: human and technical. Both of which I actually enjoyed.

Each of the interview halves, each lasting thirty minutes, went really well. I feel confident about what I said in response to their questions and also how I presented myself to them. It is hard for me to sell myself to them since I hate talking about myself. But, I did it and it went really well, in my opinion. The responses from the interviewers was reassuring and it eased me the moment I sat down at 8:30. They were very friendly and seemed interested in what I had to say. Now I just wait until tonight to see if I get asked back for another interview tomorrow.

Update: I didn’t make it past day one.