What A Night

Like I said yesterday, I thought my interview went well. It went well enough that I thought I would have been called back. However, I was mistaken. I am currently at work in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. It is comfortable, but it is not what I wish I had on right now.

It was nice to walk to work today. It was foggy out. The fog had to have created around a half-mile visibility when I was walking over the bridge. It was quiet, despite the noise of the road. Cars and buses just appeared to come from nowhere when I was walking across the bridge. It was something that I had not seen in a while.

But, enough of me being disappointed, I had a good time last night.

After our INFO370 lab we were trying to decide where to go for happy hour. By, “we” I mean Trevor, Sean, Anthony, Tho, Rufino, Jamie, and myself. We wanted to go to Ivar’s, but being the overachievers that our group is we stayed like 30 minutes past lab time to discuss if we should have homosexuals and heterosexuals in our stratified sample. Or to just go with a SRS instead. Well, we chose the latter. Of course at this point Ivar’s happy hour ends in 10 minutes. So, no go there. Off to the Ave…

We were going to BOB when we then decided that it would be funny to keep walking past it. Ok, it wasn’t that funny, but you get the idea, or so I hope. Like the sheep that that we all are, they followed us up the Ave to Pepe’s. None of us had been there before and I was craving Mexican, so we figured, why not?

The food there was good, really good for the price. I am sure that the meal that I had would normally fill me up, but I was a little low on the food tank. The food came quickly and tasted really good. Sean was all excited because he thought his beef had some special peas. However, we soon discovered that his peas were not special at all since Jamie had them as well. Guess it is best to be special at least for a moment.

After Pepe’s, Jamie was hugging herself all the way down the block to Yunnie’s for some bubble tea. I swear she gets drunk off of that stuff. After sitting in the IKEA style couches for a while after the bubble tea was served we decided that we would head to The District for some drinks and to just talk. To solidify that Jamie gets drunk on bubble tea just know this: We were just north of 45th and the District is on 45th. When we headed down to 45th on our way to The District the following happened:

Jamie says the following while walking North to 47th, “Hey, why are you going that way? 45th is this way!”
Us: “Jamie, are you drunk on bubble tea?”
Jamie: *smile*

Yeah, gotta love that Jamie.

Now, keep in mind that time is moving slow for me since I am awaiting a call from Deloitte. Unbeknownst to me I had the rejection email in my Gmail account at 5:40pm. This even before we left the lab. Anywho…

The District was cool. The ambiance was chill and relaxing. I just might have to paint my living room like how that place looked. If you don’t know what it looks like you can do one of two things:

  1. Go there yourself
  2. Wait for Jamie to put pics online

We hung out there for quite a while. A few hours at the least. It was really good times. I haven’t had that much chill fun in a while. The conversation was good and the couches that we sat on where really comfortable and didn’t really make me want to leave.

While we were there we talked about everything from relationships to Sean’s stripping LP from WWII. Yeah, it’s hot. But, yeah, good times.

Tonight is The Incredibles and then finally a day to sleep in. Phew. This week is finally almost over.