The Incredibles

The Incredibles Last night I think I saw the coolest Pixar movie ever, The Incredibles. I remember when Anthony was pushing me to see the trailers that the movie looked cool and funny then. However, last night did the trailers justice.

The movie is about super heroes. Yes, super heroes. They each have a different ability. So, Mr. Incredible is well… incredible. Elastigirl can stretch like no other, Frozone and freeze stuff, and so on. The characters were really funny. This came from what they said and also to what they did.

Later in the movie when Mr. Incredible and Eastigril have super babies they become a family to reckon with. Not like they were not to be reckoned with before, but by adding more super heroes you can’t go that wrong. Of course, when they have their kids the supers are outcasts from society and need to go into a protection program to hide their identity. This proves to be too difficult for Mr. Incredible and he had to get his super hero fix by taking on some missions behind his wife’s back.

He gets sucked into a trap to build a device that is smarter than all of the super heroes. But, this is where the good stuff in the movie really happens. So, I’m not about to go any further in the story line.

If you’re looking for a funny movie to see and you just so happen to like digitally animated films, this one is for you. Definite two pairs of thumbs up from me.