Open Letter To The Democratic Party

Open Letter To The Democratic Party“So, if you want my vote next time, and the vote of all my close friends, and the millions more like us that you refuse to believe exists, it’s pretty simple: take positions and don’t waffle on them. […] No more verbal and psychological and emotional savagery. Treat me like a voter whose vote you would actually appreciate getting, and you will get it.” For me, this letter was all to true for me. Not all of it, but most of it. A good read if you want to take the time to read an understand it.

3 thoughts on “Open Letter To The Democratic Party”

  1. really a great letter. I voted right because voting left wasn’t an option. Not because I’m a christian, or because I’m worried about my 25k life long salery being over taxed because I’m making mad bling. I had no choice because I had no idea what I was voting for if I had gone to the left, only that I was against the right. she did a really great job articulating that piece.

  2. Yeah, hence my reasoning for posting this link. It was about the Dems job to convince me to vote for Kerry. Down to the last minute they just couldn’t do it, and on top of it they ridicule people like me. IMO, that’s not a way to get votes or should I say, get my vote.

  3. If the best that they can come up with is “Don’t vote for four more years of the same,” then maybe it’s best that they lost – well, that and the fact that a republician-controlled congress would have impeded any of Kerry’s proposals, no matter how moderate. Hopefully, this loss will foce the Dems to fire thier leadership and find people who are effective at getting the message acrosss in a more appropriate manner, without all of the **** waffling and “nuance.”

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