Avanade Interview

Man, those tech questions owned me.

Have to wait until Thursday to find out what comes of it.

Update: I did not make it to the second interview. However, David did and I wish him the best of luck!

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  1. Hi Ryan
    How did the application go?
    What position were u applying for?
    I have an interview with avanade in a couple of days, and do u remember what were they looking for in the applicant. If you can get some info from david, that would be great as well. im applying for a junior .net developer position.
    I would greatly appreciate your information. Thank you

    look forward to hear from you

  2. I will have an interview with avanade too.
    It will be the first Screening test. If anyone are in the same condition please leave a post here. ^_^ may be ryan will give us some tips.


  3. I just got an email from Avanade as well to set up a technical interview. I’m curious now, what should I expect? There’s no documented experiences on the web at all so I really wonder….what was it like? What kind of things was the interviewer interested in knowing? Any insight would help alleviate the anxiety! :)

    Thanx for anything!


  4. I recently attended the technical interview and believe me it went real great. The people who interview you are angels….they place you at ease and then probe only the concepts that you study in your curriculum and yes….Do brush up your General Technical knowledge….IT REALLY HELPS!!.

  5. Hey all i have an interview with avande as well
    from reading your inputs it looks a little bit tough
    any help guys before i my grilling day

  6. Guys,

    My experience with the Avanade was OK.
    I gave my first round of interview on phone, which went OK types and eventually I got call for the 2nd interview.

    My undertstanding from the first round of interview with Avanade is that they try to find the areas where you are really strong and the areas where you are really weak and on the basis on there things they give you some rating which matches to the level they have in avanade and that decides your role and salary range etc.

    I will give you my experince after my second inteview. which may haappne anytime nexy week.
    wish me all the best!!

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